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Sweet Success Can Come From Your Own Home Business As A Cake Decorator

by HomeBusinessIdeas on July 5, 2011

Love to design and create your own delicious cakes and other desserts? If you find yourself doodling designs for the next cake that you will bake and decorate for your friends and family instead of paying attention during meetings at the office, then it may be time to start your own home based business as a professional pastry chef.

Beautifully decorated cakes are a must have at Australian weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs and gala events. Whether you are in a thriving metropolis like Sydney or Perth, or if you are located in a more rural area, you can still tap into a large market for your services. Read on for more on how you can get out of the office and jump start your new home based business as a professional cake decorator.

Hone Your Skills Before You Start Accepting Orders

One of the reasons that professionally decorated cakes cost so much is that the people who bake and decorate them have to spend a great deal of time practicing different frosting and baking techniques before they are able to sell their cakes to others. Many community centres and local universities offer courses in cake decorating which can help you to learn the tips and tricks of professional cake decorators so that you can ice and decorate wedding cakes and other desserts in many different styles.

Once you are confident that you have mastered a long list of different frosting techniques then make sure that you are comfortable applying them to create beautifully decorated cakes. If all of your cakes end up looking the same, then it is time to practice copying wedding cakes and other cakes that you see in magazines so that you can provide a wide variety of different styles to your clients.

Remember, today’s brides want to work with vendors who can deliver the exact vision that they have been dreaming of all of their lives. This means that to be ready to open your home based cake decorating business you will have to be able to replicate nearly any cake decoration design from a bridal magazine.

Get The Word Out That You Are Now In The Cake Design Business

If you had decided to spend thousands of dollars on a storefront for your new business then you might get customers as a result of people walking or driving by and seeing that you are now open for business. Being based at home does not mean that your business will be any less successful but it does mean that you will have to employ more assertive marketing strategies to generate your first customers.

Having a website that describes your cake decorating business is an essential first step. Next, list that website on free and paid website listings for niche professionals catering to bridal couples and party planners. Doing so will bring in visitors to your website who will see the photos of your work that you post and, hopefully, contact you to hire you to bake and decorate a cake for their own event in the future.

Once you have successfully decorated cakes for your first set of clients you can expect to enjoy a significant uptick in both website traffic as well as in inquiries about your services. After all, the wedding cake is the showpiece of a wedding reception, which means that many of the wedding guests are sure to want to know who is the decorator behind it.

Stay In Business By Keeping Your Cake Decorating Legal

One of the most important things to remember about being a business owner is that besides being the one who bakes and decorates the cakes you also are responsible for ensuring that you are in compliance with local and national laws. These could include zoning laws regarding home based businesses in your area or the tax laws that regulate Australian home based businesses.

Keeping accurate financial records is an imperative for successful home based business owners. Without being able to correctly account for your home based company’s income and expenses you will be unable to determine how much income tax you must pay each year or even if you are succeeding financially as a business owner. The good news is that you can use one of several easy to use bookkeeping software packages in order to stay on top of your financial data. With the push of a button you can find out whether your business is making a profit or not. At the end of the year you can even send a copy of your electronic financial records to your accountant to prepare your income tax return as an attachment to an e-mail.

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